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Thursday, February 9, 2023


Luke hadn’t been expecting a package, but there was one waiting for him when he came home. It seemed to be the correct address, but there was no name and no return sender. Shrugging he opened it up.

Inside was a blue remote with a touch screen and a camera on the back. He thought it was some sort of smartphone, and the instructions were written in a language he did not understand. He tried to feed them into an online translator, but they didn’t make sense. They talked about taking a photo with the device and changing yourself into that person. He was sure it was a mistranslation.

Figuring it was just some sort of advanced camera, he just started taking some photos of some things. He didn’t see anything too special about the photos the device took. After a while, he made his way to the mall where he saw a pretty Asian woman in a blue dress. He snapped a photo and the device made a loud whirring noise, which drew the attention of the woman. He felt embarrassed and felt like a creep for taking a photo of someone without their permission. He started to apologize profusely as she walked over.

“No, no, I get it! We’re like twinsies! Right on down to the dress! We could be Parent Trap sisters! Let’s get a real selfie together for my Insta!” The woman said as she put her arm around Luke and lifted her phone. Luke was floored to see the pic. Two identical woman in identical clothing stood next to each other with one holding their arm around the other. The device had literally transformed into this woman’s exact double. It wasn’t a mistranslation at all!

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