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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

The Potion

Professor John McQuinn was proud of his latest invention, a potion that could swap someone’s gender! He had added a few extra enhancements with his latest batch that would go beyond a simple genetic swap, but also transform body parts themselves along with many stereotypical gender traits as well, such as hair length, height, weight, and so on. It was the talk of the lab and many of his colleagues joined him with testing it.

The result was a pretty wild night in the research lab with many people exploring their new genders. Of course, in the morning, people were asking for another dose in order to go back to normal. John was the first to down a second dose, but he stayed a woman. He quickly promised to work on a reversal for everyone else as soon as he could.

As everyone else went home, worried about adapting to their new genders until John could figure out the reversal, John stayed behind. He didn’t get to work, however. He didn’t need to. He already had a potion to reverse the gender swap. He just didn’t want to drink it, and he did not want to admit to his colleagues that he wanted to stay a woman. So he briefly looked at the reversal potion and dumped it down the sink. He could pretend to be just as unhappy as everyone else.

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