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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Medieval Times

Lord Nigel York was baffled for months as to how his maid, Caroline, had managed to steal his body while placing him into hers. He had been forced to live her life as a servant, preparing meals, cleaning, and sleeping on the floor of the help’s quarters. She must’ve been having the time of her life going on a fox hunt, enjoying a good joust, or even the simple pleasure of sharing the bed with his wife.

But one day, a pestering boy from a neighbor’s popped into the kitchen to ask “if it worked.” Nigel quickly guessed the boy was talking about the body swap and got him to explain all about the wizard, the potion, and the process for mixing it with food.

Sneaking away to get to the wizard was difficult, but Nigel managed to do so and even got to slip some into nightly meal. He looked at the bowl, quite pleased with himself.

He served the bowl to his former body, hoping it would once again trigger the swap back to his own body that night. However, in his horror Nigel watched as Caroline passed the soup to his wife. There was nothing more he could do. His wife would wake up in Caroline’s body tomorrow, and he would be inside the body of his own wife.


  1. It works. How often can he try it?

    1. Perhaps the same two people can't even swap twice! So he might've even failed if his original body drank it this time.

  2. It either who takes it or drink it. One he was lord of the manor, now he is a simple maid, then by accident tried again, oh it works, but it didn't the way he thought, either she to smart or there something that she/he did. Now he is his wife now. But I think the former maid as a idea or three to keep her/himself as lord of manor