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Monday, May 11, 2020


Sam waited as the trains arrived in the station. He was waiting to see his wife one last time. He knew she wouldn’t recognize him. She’d never even know anything was really amiss. While she was away on a business trip, he underwent a secret procedure. His thoughts were removed from his head and placed inside a new body, a woman’s body. His former body would continue on, without realizing anything had even happened, but with the desire to be a woman removed from his now former body’s head. Meanwhile, Sam would get to continue in his new life, in a body he was able to design himself. He was the woman he always dreamed of. He didn’t feel gay, just sort of wrong, but he didn’t want to hurt his wife. He knew she would never accept this. It’s why he had to do it in this way, in secret. Part of the agreement was that he was never supposed to contact her. He considered this a loophole. He wasn’t going to “contact” her, but merely be in a place where he knew she would be. Just so he could see her one last time, to think a fond goodbye as she walked away.

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