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Monday, May 25, 2020


Nick felt quite proud of himself. It hadn’t been hard to use the old magic books he found to cast a spell that transformed him into an exact copy of his former classmate, Amanda. He hadn’t seen Amanda since high school, but even two years later he still had memories about how she had been completely mean to him. He teased and mocked him, found ways to humiliate him, and was just generally cruel. Now he had a chance for a bit of revenge. The first step was done; he was her! Next he had to track her down. For the third step, he was going to use the books to turn her into him then the tables would be turned! He could make fun of her just like she had done to him. But it wouldn’t stop there! With the books, he could do so much worse to her. While he had never been all that attractive, he could cast a spell on her to make her especially ugly or age her rapidly or just cause some extra pain. This was going to be good!

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