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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Conor was just an average white guy from the suburbs. He would never admit it, out loud but walking through certain neighborhoods in the city made him feel a little unsafe. He tried to fight these internal biases, but he could never fully do it. It wasn’t until the Great Shift happened that he was forced to face these feelings head on. Suddenly, instead of sitting on the couch of his four bedroom house in the burbs, he was in a one bedroom apartment in exactly one of the neighborhoods he felt unsafe. Then he looked in the mirror and realized neither the word “white” nor “guy” properly describe him anymore. He grabbed the purse by a hook and put on the high heeled shoes that sat by the door and ventured onto the street. Despite this new body, he was no less nervous. And, in fact, the chaos of everyone screaming about being in a different body made him even more stressed out. He quickly retreated back into the apartment, hoping it would all sort itself out somehow soon.

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