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Friday, May 15, 2020

Best Job Ever

The job didn’t pay much, but Rufus happily enjoyed the perks. He had signed up on a website to take care of houseplants and pets at homes while people were away, but the fact that he had the Medallion of Zulu made going to these places much more interesting. For about a year, he was almost exclusively picked any males in the homes he helped tend. However, he eventually came upon a home where only a sole woman lived, and he decided to take the plunge on the other side of the gender fence. It was at that point, he decided to always pick women if possible. It was amazing what he’d find in the house after transforming himself. Sometimes they’d look like mousy librarian types in photos -- or be a mother of four -- and then in the back of the closet, he’d find all sorts of leather stuff. He certainly never complained. It was too much fun; this was literally the best job ever.

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  1. great pic, intertesting story. I wonder ifanytinggoeswrong?