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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Wedding Guest

Jason understood why everyone was focused on his sister. After all, today was her wedding day. When the Great Shift struck in the middle of the reception, people were concerned with how the new bride was coping -- especially considering she swapped into the body of their father. But the Shift didn’t just affect her, everyone there was also now in a new body! Jason, for instance, stood nervously and quietly by the side of the room. He swapped with the date of one of the groom’s friends. Her figure seemed to practically defy gravity in this tight dress, and now this figure was now Jason’s. He kept looking down, still not used to what he saw. He realized he didn’t even know her name -- something he should probably try to figure out before the end of the night. But he didn’t want to insert himself into the commotion. He just stayed a wallflower, occasionally looking down, and still being surprised by the view each time. He wasn’t sure he was ever going to get used to this...

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