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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Wedding Guest (Part 2)

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With all the chaos the night of the wedding, Jason didn’t get the name of the woman he swapped with. He quietly went back to the hotel he was staying at. He slept in the cocktail dress, which was uncomfortable and kept him up. But the real problem happened the next morning. He tried to change into some of his male clothing, but couldn’t get the pants over his butt, his large breasts made it impossible to button his shirts. He reluctant continued to wear the cocktail dress and called his sister. She was distraught and didn’t want to talk, so he spoke to her new husband (who had swapped with the maid of honor). He connected Jason with his friend and his date. Her name was Lucia, and she seemed nice enough when she agreed to bring over some clothes. Unfortunately, everything about her style flaunted her sexuality. She mostly wore dresses with plunging neck lines. The only pair of pants she had were leather ones. The only shoes she had were heels. Jason felt her outfits were only moderately better than the cocktail dress, but at least they were clean. But after twenty four hours or so, the strangest thing began to happen -- Jason started to feel comfortable like this. This body stopped feeling strange and began to feel more natural. He wondered if others affected by the Shift were starting to feel the same way.

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