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Monday, August 3, 2009

House arrest

Five years ago, Kurt was wrongly convicted of rape. Not even the other convicts believed that he was innocent, but eventually he met a guard who believed he was imprisioned unfairly. He fought with the warden on Kurt's behalf and got him accepted into an experimental house arrest program. A collar was placed around Kurt's neck, and when he ventured too far away from his house, he transformed intoa beautiful woman, making it nearly impossible for him to commit the same crime again. Kurt was pretty amazed when he went to the store...even his clothes transformed! While Kurt was happy to be a free man, it bothered him that he could never go out truly as himself. One day, he was walking around his backyard garden in his boxers when his body transformed. "Christ!" He exclaimed, "I can't even walk around my own yard without changing! What the hell!?"

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