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Friday, November 27, 2009

Change his life

Vin had come to the Chinatown alley on his moped following the advice of a friend who told him a visit to an out of the way fortune teller would totally change his life. He laughed it off, but the thought kept eating at him. When he entered the shop, he was subjected to a usual tarot card reading, though delivered with a heavy chinese accent, and a look inside a crystal ball. He couldn't figure out why his friend had hyped it up so much, but when he returned to the alley, he figured it out--somehow he had swapped bodies with the fortune teller! He ran back inside to see his own body now lighting incense in the mystic place. With a glare, he was told that if ever wanted to be himself again, he should not return for at least one week. Was this what his friend meant by changing his life? He wasn't sure he wanted to live life as an asian woman for that long...and what guarantee did he have that she's change him back?

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