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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Twerk It Out

The afternoon had started with Victor on the phone with a friend, making a flippant comment about how hot Asian women were. He hadn’t expected his girlfriend overhearing the conversation, nor could he anticipate her retaliation. Using her powers as a witch, she swapped Victor’s body with their upstairs neighbor, Ming. He tried to remain calm; he figured he’d just go downstairs and calm his girlfriend own. However, he couldn’t seem to do that. Instead, he found himself going to Ming’s closet and changing into a black and white top and some tight leather shorts. He couldn’t seem to stop himself. He realized his girlfriend hadn’t just swapped his body with Ming; she was also controlling his mind. He had limited control, but he knew he was going to have to do the things she forced him to -- even if it was something he didn’t want to do, like wear this outfit. She was also preventing him from doing things as well, like going down to apologize. It wasn’t long before Victor felt compelled to go to a nightclub. Despite trying to fight the urge, he found himself twerking on the dance floor. When guys started coming up to him, he wanted to run. However, instead of doing so, he felt the urge to get closer, be sexier, and flirt. He wanted to cry; he just hoped his girlfriend would release the grip on his mind before his did anything he would REALLY regret.


  1. LOL: & sexy & chilling. I wonder if the oldmikng is with the GF?

  2. Love your big fan, where do you get your pics from?
    Do you do requests?