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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Cold Feet

It was supposed to the perfect wedding, out in a remote field far from the City. However, with only about an hour left, Sean was getting cold feet. That was when Brianna’s maid of honor, Ashley, came up to him. Ashley made a strange confession and an even stranger offer. She could tell Sean had cold feet; she also told him about her secret crush on Brianna. Of course, it would be impossible to turn her into a lesbian, but she did have a magic spell that could swap two people’s bodies. Ashley offered to swap with Sean. She’d be married to her crush, and Sean would be free to be single again. Of course, it meant Sean would be a woman; she wasn’t sure if he’d be cool with that. He thought about it; it really was a tempting offer. He agreed. A few magic words later, and he looked down to see that Ashley’s body was now his. Sean was already wondering if he agreed to the swap too quickly. Perhaps he overreacted to his cold feet, but there was no going back now, was there? So much back and forth in his head about this wedding, but he decided to switch into Ashley’s body in a mere few seconds?

1 comment:

  1. LOL look bfore you leap. I wonder if earlhy used a spell on himm to make him agree?