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Thursday, December 31, 2015

After Class

No one in school knew why Miss Patel was so mean. Many thought it was because she was the youngest teacher and felt the need to prove herself to her colleagues. All the students wanted her fired, but none ever came up with a plan. None, that is, until Henry. Henry was, quite frankly, a genius. He always aced everything, but Miss Patel threatened to give him his first B. This wasn’t acceptable. He hadn’t tested out his latest odd invention yet, but figured Miss Patel would be the perfect test subject. Right at the end of class, he aimed it at her and shot. Miss Patel would’ve yelled about the distraction in her class, if she was still in control. But Henry’s invention allowed him to possess his teacher as his own body felt limp at his desk. There was a feeling of power he now had, and his original plan had been to ask to see his nerdy friend Kevin after class, he decided instead to ask a popular, unsuspecting student, Luke. As the other kids filtered out, Henry began to put the moves on Luke, thinking the indiscretion would get her fired. He hadn’t counted on Luke being into it, and soon the two started making out. As things got really out of hand and Henry found himself straddling Miss Patel’s desk, he wished he had asked Kevin as planned instead. He just got so carried away. Then as Luke began to caress his body, he realized why Miss Patel acted the way she does, she simply liked the power.

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