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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Assume (Part 2)

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At this point, Charlie didn’t know that the fact that he had swapped bodies was widespread across the whole globe, but he was already contemplating his options. He didn’t want to tell anyone about the swap. He wasn’t sure if anyone would believe him if he did. Besides, if there was a way to swap bodies, there would also be a way to swap back. From his position, he really got a great deal out of this swap and had no interest in giving up this body. His strategy didn’t change much after he learned of the extent of the Great Shift. He decided to pretend like he was one of the people that didn’t swap. Of course, that meant he’d have to learn a lot about the person who he now was in a covert manner. He thought this was a good plan. While there wasn’t any way for people to swap back yet, he was always fearful that someone would discover one and force him back to his old body.

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