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Friday, December 11, 2015

Consider Yourself Lucky

Jane jolted up shocked. She looked down at herself to see her breasts seem to have shrunk to almost nothing. Another woman was standing above her. The woman seemed to emphasize her chest. Jane recognized those breasts; they looked like hers, but that seemed impossible....until the woman spoke.

“I bet you miss these already,” The woman said, “You actually got off pretty lucky that I only stole your breasts. I have the ability to switch parts of my body with anyone I wish, you see. I’m not even Asian; I simply stole the facial features from a woman who I found quite attractive. I’m not even a woman, well, not originally; I took the required parts for that gender from another young woman. I suppose she is technically a man now. So, as you see, you should be glad that I ONLY took your breasts. I could’ve taken a lot more, or left you in a lot worse condition. In fact, I rarely even extend the courtesy of telling my victims. So just think about that; consider yourself lucky.”

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