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Sunday, December 20, 2015


‘This has to be the best week of my life,’ Jim thought, ‘I always thought I was a man trapped in a woman’s body, but I never expected to do anything about it. Then I was on that airplane and saw this couple on their honeymoon. I envied the woman more than I could’ve ever imagined, and somehow after we landed and started to exit, I swapped bodies with her. I didn’t tell this man who I really was; I was just...happy. I’ve loved every minute of this so far. I hope I never swap back to my own body. I suppose I figure out what this man’s name is; he is my husband after all. Of course, I never met him before we swapped, but does that matter? This just feels so right.’

Jim then jumped into the man’s arms and gave him a kiss. The man didn’t suspect that the beautiful woman he held was not actually his wife. Sure, she was acting differently than usual, but he had simply assumed her new carefree, happy attitude was the bliss of being married.

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