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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Science and engineering (Part 1)

Rich had heard a noise coming from the basement of the university’s science and engineering building. He went down to discover Ashley Juarez playing with some of the items in storage. Rich had heard Ashley had been slipping in her studies and figured that whatever she was doing down here simply wasn’t good. He noticed her holding a device, thinking she was stealing it, he lunged at her to try and wrestle it from her hands. The device fell to the ground and shattered, and as it did so it shot out a beam that hit Rich and Ashley. The next thing Rich knew, he was lying on the floor being scolded by his own body. He watched as his own body picked up the device and continued yelling, saying that it would be weeks before it could be repaired. His own body sighed saying that until then, they’d have to live the other’s life. Rich had no idea what was going on until he looked down to discover that he was inside of Ashley’s body! Was she smarter than she let on? Could she have invented a body switching device? It was hard to debate what was clearly right in front of him. He listened intently as Ashley explained what he’d have to do to pull off being her. He still couldn’t believe it all as he walked into her house and into her room. He went into her closet to take off the coat he wore. A sudden feeling of excitement ran over him as it all sunk in. This was his life for the next few weeks, these were his clothes to try on! He was getting excited thinking about the upside of this swap!

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