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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tourist (Part 11)

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Todd had a bit of trouble falling asleep. There was still a part of him was worried about what would happen to his old body, but the bigger portion of his concern was all about his new life. What would he do first tomorrow? Look for a place to live? Or buy some new clothes? He realized the latter was sort of trivial, but he felt himself get a little excited about it regardless. He wondered how long he could stay here on this woman’s tourist visa, though he certainly had enough money to bride an official or hire a lawyer to stay longer. He realized that he didn’t even know her name--all of her identification was written in Japanese characters. He decided he’d go by Tonya if anyone asked, at least for the time being. As he thought about these things, he slowly drifted off into sleep.

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  1. Excellennt continuation & use ofp pic. I wonder how you'regoing to end it & whats the poriginal girl doing?