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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Coma (Part 1)

Despite Charlie’s genius, he never had much success in life. At age 40, he worked at a research lab in a mid-level position. But a strange invitation in the mail one day would come to change his life. It was from an overseas billionaire, one who was famous for his eccentricities and investments in science. Charlie jumped on the chance and was on a plane before he knew it. Upon meeting the wealthy man, Charlie sat down to dinner with him, along with a few other scientists.Few words were exchanged until they were all brought into a room. A woman stood frozen and lifeless in the corner with a strange helmet on her head. She was in a coma. The scientists asked Charlie if he would like to assist them in a procedure to help revive her. He happily agreed. As they stood before a device monitoring her heart rate and other conditions, Charlie felt faint. The moment before he passed out, he felt his body jolt upright to attention. His perspective had changed. Something the others had done had caused him to switch bodies with the woman! He gasped as he saw his own body lifeless on the floor!

1 comment:

  1. very good start to a very interting story. Great us of pic
    PLS continue