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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Reservation mix up

Graham had just come from the lobby of the Exchange Island hotel. They had called him at 11am to question why he hadn’t checked out yet and also informed him that the woman he swapped with would like her body back, as she was about to leave. He couldn’t believe they had mixed up his reservation; he was here for two more weeks! He had a drink in his hand and a bikini on his body; he was ready to hit the beach and this was wasting time! They checked the books and noticed their mistake--he wasn’t due to be out yet. This meant the woman would have to stick around for two weeks or return home with Graham’s body. Graham didn’t really care for now and just made his way down to the shore, happy to be triumphant. He’d be less happy in two weeks to find out that the woman had left the island, and with his body a thousand miles away, he’d be unable to be switched back, leaving him stuck in this woman’s body for the foreseeable future!


  1. I hope he appreciates being in a gorgeous body like that :D I know I would.