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Thursday, June 7, 2012


Brent and Ashley had been friends since they were in first grade, but the two had very different upbringings. Brent was born to rich parents, ended up going to Columbia University, and scored a high paying job on Wall Street. Ashley lived a tough life and though she finished high school, she had to get a low-paying job right after to help her family. They kept in touch through the years, and one night over drinks Ashley drunkenly wished she had Brent’s life. Brent smiled and told her that if he could give it to her, he would, not thinking of any possible consequence. But something magical must’ve been listening, as the two instantly found themselves in the other’s body. The two could barely fathom what had happened to them, but for the time being they agreed to pretend to be each other, otherwise people would think they were crazy! Brent got on the subway to head to Ashley’s home. He dug through her purse to find a lottery ticket with one part still not scratched off. Discovering he just won $50 million made being stuck in Ashley’s body seem not all that bad!

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