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Monday, June 18, 2012


As a lifestyle reporter for one of the country’s hippest magazines, Ralph often found himself attending fashion week. It was a task he both loathed and loved. Though he often found the subject matter boring, he certainly had no complaints about going to the fashion shows and watching beautiful models walk down the runway. He found himself gawking at one in particular. He mumbled to himself that he wished he could spend the night in her bed. He started to feel strange, and after a few more models walked by, he noticed why! His wish had been granted in the weirdest way he could imagine: he had switched bodies with the model! He had her sexy, shapely form and even wore her designer dress. He was panicking as models continued to walk by, but no one else noticed him. Everyone’s jaw dropped, however, when the final design took to the catwalk. It was Ralph’s middle aged body strutting its stuff. Ralph could feel himself turning red from embarrassment. He knew his wish was only to spend one night in her bed, but after seeing his body humiliated, he never wanted to go back!