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Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Ticket prices were high just to get into the concert, and once he was inside Ronald felt claustrophobic. There was so many people; there was barely enough room to breathe. He sighed as someone spilled a drink on him. He wished he was in the VIP section in the upper level. It seemed spacious. The next thing he knew, he felt strange. He suddenly had room to move around, and he was actually looking down on the crowd. His wish had been granted -- though it took him another moment to realize it had been done so in a way he never could’ve expected. He had been swapped into the body of a person up in the VIP area -- the body of a woman wearing leather from head to toe. Ronald told himself that it didn’t seem that bad.

That’s when a guy came up behind him. The man smiled and said, “Alright, baby, now it’s time to earn that VIP pass.”

Ronald didn’t feel very comfortable, and asked sheepishly, “How?”

That’s when the man’s eyes diverted to checking out Ronald’s body’s butt.

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