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Friday, December 22, 2017

Return Trip

When he arrived on Exchange Island, Ryan didn’t swap into a new body right away. It took a few hours before he found himself on the beach wearing a bikini in a woman’s body. He figured leaving would be similar; that he might not get his own body back right away. Even after getting on the plane and taking off, he just wasn’t worried. That is, until he talked to other passengers and discovered he was the only one that hadn’t swapped back into his own body. Quickly, he jumped up to ask a stewardess. He was keenly aware of how feminine he ran, and he realized how well he had adapted to being female on his short trip to the resort. The stewardess confirmed with him that he should’ve swapped back. In fact, he should have said something sooner. They were so far away now that he might never find a way back to his own body. If they returned, he’d just swap again and then swap back to this body when it was all over. His jaw dropped. That couldn’t be possible! He couldn’t be stuck as a woman for the rest of his life, could he?

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