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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Nothing to Panic About

“Okay, nothing to panic about yet,” Gerald told himself as he checked his phone, “I’m five minutes early. She just might not be here yet. I just sit here and wait, she’ll show up, and then we can swap back.”

Gerald continued to fidget with his phone as he waited for Alexis to show up. He had swapped with her two hours ago just to find out what it would be like to be a woman for a bit. It seemed like a good idea, but he was getting quite anxious about getting back to his own body. In fact, the last few minutes, he had been increasingly uncomfortable. He hadn’t noticed some of these feelings earlier, but now they were beginning to bother him. The tightness of his pants, the restriction of his bra, and the uncomfortableness of the heels. It was finally starting to feel so strange...


  1. well written, good disicristions, & pic

  2. Nicely written, why do I think he's not getting his body back any time soon?