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Friday, December 1, 2017

Brain Scan (Part 2)

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After about a month, Jason was finally released from the hospital. It still felt really weird to have a woman’s body, but he was getting used to it. It certainly helped that no one on the staff tried to get him to “embrace his feminine side” by wearing dresses or skirts or anything like that. He did have plenty of meetings with various psychologists to get used to the fact that he now had Michelle’s body instead of his own.

He also had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which was a pretty good deal but also had a lot of provisions. On the good side of things, the hospital was giving him a huge monthly payout for the rest of his life. He would probably never have to work again. Michelle was single and lived alone, so it would probably work out all right for him. On the other side, he had to agree not to make contact with his original body or his family again. He realized this would be tougher, but he also had no desire to drag them into this. If he did happen upon them, he could never reveal who he really was. In fact, other than to a select number of people, he could never reveal who he was to anyone. As far as the world was concerned, he was Michelle Chang, a woman who had recovered miraculously from a brain injury.

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