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Monday, October 9, 2017

Immediate Service

For most people, it happened shortly after the plane landed on Exchange Island. In fact, Anthony could clearly observe just about everyone on his plane reacting to the their new bodies. However, Anthony was still, well, Anthony. He went to the hotel and a woman with a red dress greeted him just inside the door. She told him bags would be taken to his room and to let her know if he needed anything.

He wasn’t going to say anything, but he felt the need to. The whole point of Exchange Island was to swap bodies with someone, and he hadn’t done that!

The woman told him not to worry. She’d check on it right away. She searched Anthony’s name on the iPad she held and informed him that his plane had an odd number of people on it. These things did happen from time to time and that he shouldn’t worry. He’d be swapping with another person any moment now.

Anthony was about to press for more when he realized the iPad now in his hand and the red dress he now wore. The woman now in his body asked, “I hope this is to your liking. We do aim to please our guests with immediate service.” Anthony just smiled before he handed the iPad to his former body.

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