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Tuesday, October 10, 2017


When dealing with smuggling illegal materials, getting caught was always Hank’s greatest concern. However, that concern was greatly diminished after he came across a body swap gun amongst the material he was smuggling. Now, he and his partner had a process, to always do their deals as someone else. Today he was meeting up with a buyer at a storage facility in the outer burbs. As usual, he arrived early and waited for an owner of a nearby unit to show up. He hesitated when he saw her; he always hated swapping with women, but he was running out of time. He made the swap. As usual, the person he swapped with was more confused about being in a different body than he was; he used that opportunity to knock his own body out. Then he had to wait. Standing there in high heels was a huge pain, and he’d be stuck in them for the next couple hours. The body swap was set to last that long. It was plenty of time to close the deal and make sure everything was secure. In the event this was a set up or the police showed up, it was enough time to see his body taken to the precinct, but he’d automatically swap back to his own body before he had to spend the night in jail. There was no way he could screw this up...

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