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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Testing... (Part 4)

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After about two weeks, Ryan had adjusted quite well to his new body. In fact, when the new remote finally arrived in the mail, he didn’t rush to open it. Instead, he just brought it inside and put it on the kitchen table, then walked outside to go take care of a few errands. He had already decided that he wasn’t going to swap back to his old least not yet. He enjoyed being a beautiful woman, and that sure was something he didn’t want to give up quite yet. It was nice to know that the remote was sitting there waiting for him if he ever changed his mind, but he didn’t see that as very likely at this point. He also figured it might be fun to actually use it with people he trusted. However. he wasn’t going to jump at that any time soon; he knew his current body was quite attractive, and he had trouble thinking of anyone he would actually trust to swap back with him. Still, it was nice to know it was there. Then there was the matter of the other remote he had been forced to send off. He had picked an old friend from college. He wasn’t even sure if had given a current address. And, quite, frankly, he was sure it would be entertaining to see what sort of mess anyone else with a body swapping remote might get into...

1 comment:

  1. interesting story, I can see why he would keep that body. Butg questions remain - is he now doing modeling work? Has the poor girl become him?