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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Invention by Accident

Peter knew he was a bit of an eccentric. In fact, he often described his process as “invention by accident.” He often didn’t know what he was making until after he finished making it; or he’d plan for one thing and end up with something else. This seemed to be the case when the tested his latest invention on his pets, resulting in his cat barking and his dog meowing. This gave him some theories about what his latest creation did, but he still needed an additional test. He volunteered himself and his unknowing neighbor Chloe. He was surprised after using the device that he didn’t swap voices with Chloe -- he swapped bodies! He was expecting to just do a quick test and swap back their voices before she even noticed. Now, as he sat there in her house, he realized he would have to go back next door to explain everything to her. She was actually quite calm about it until they tried to swap back and discovered swapping two humans was more complicated than the two pets -- which meant the device had overheated. Peter told Chloe not to worry. He removed the glasses from his old body and put them on his new body. He told her not to worry -- though both thought it odd to hear Peter’s voice come out of Chloe’s body; he would just duplicate his work. He didn’t tell Chloe that nothing he ever made ended up working quite as he intended.

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