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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


“Oh my God,” Eleanor said stunned, “Jack, is that really you?”

“I’ve been trying to tell you for weeks now,” He replied dryly, “But, of course, you didn’t want to listen to a thing coming out of Ashley’s mouth. I understand, but I’m glad you finally know that it’s your husband inside this body.”

“Yeah, but if your in her body, then who’s been in yours for all this time? Who have I been sleeping with?”

“I’m going to guess Ashley’s in my body. She must’ve stolen it.”

“But why? She hates me. She hates us!”

“Maybe that’s why. Maybe she wanted to torture me by sticking me with her body. Maybe she had some sort of plan. Whatever it is, I’m not sure; I can only guess. I do know I want my body back. When you see her, pretend you don’t know about the swap. See what information you can get from her. Help me get my body back...”

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