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Wednesday, October 11, 2017


When Ryan received the package with the remote inside, he was a little skeptical about the note. It said the remote could swap two people’s bodies. Despite his doubts, he wanted to test it. He thought about asking family or friends, but he felt like they would make fun of him for even believing such a thing. Even if he tried to do it spontaneously, if it failed, he’d have to explain why he was waving a remote around them like some sort of weirdo. He came up with an alternate plan. He bought a fashion magazine and brought it home. He flipped through it before settling on an Asian model wearing a casual white t-shirt and leather leggings. He didn’t know why he picked a woman; maybe he thought a woman would be some sort of challenge for the remote. But he wasn’t also sure the remote could swap people using only a picture -- heck, it still wasn’t sure if it could swap people at all -- but he aimed and sure enough, it worked! He marveled at his body for a while before looking for the remote to swap back. Except it wasn’t in the place he swore he had put it down; there was a purse there instead. He dumped the contents out, but he still couldn’t find it. Then he opened up the magazine again. Where the model had once stood was now his body, and instead of the purse that she once held, there was the body swapping remote! He was stuck!

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