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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Testing... (Part 2)

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Despite his initial sense of dread, Ryan decided not to panic. Instead, he thought about his situation rationally. Fashion magazines always had descriptions about where to buy the products worn by the models. If the purse had a line in the magazine before the swap, the remote would probably have one after it. Sure enough, he was right! With a bit of a proud smirk, he closed the magazine and prepared to go the site mentioned in the magazine to buy another bodyswapping remote. But he quickly had pause. He realized that when he swapped bodies, he inadvertently created a world where bodyswapping remotes were common enough to appear in fashion magazined. He could only guess that this meant just about anyone on the street might own one. Then again, he guessed that was always possible, considering how the remote mysteriously arrived at his door in the first place.

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