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Thursday, October 5, 2017

No Guarantee

Wendy couldn’t explain why she was looking at her own face. That is, until she looked down to see the body of her own daughter. She turned her head back to look her own face right in the eye.

“Abigail? Is that you?” She asked.

“Why are you calling me Abigail, Abigail?” Wendy’s original body said before quickly adding, “Wait, what’s wrong with my voice?” After another pause, she finally added, “I’m in the own...wife...”

“Luke?” Wendy then asked, realizing she may now be in her daughter Abigail’s body, but it appeared it was her husband Luke who was now in her body. She could only guess that Abigail was now in Luke’s body, but there was certainly no guarantee of that at this point.

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