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Saturday, September 30, 2017


“Oh my God! Oh my God!” Beth screamed, “What just happened? How did we switch bodies? How are we going to switch back?”

Derek slouched down a little in his seat and took a deep breath, “Relax. Look, I don’t know how or why this just happened either, but let’s not panic. Maybe whatever caused it will just sort of undo itself in a few minutes or days or whatever. In any case, there’s not much we can really do about this, unless you’re aware of some sort of mind swapping technology that the rest of humanity isn’t. I think I can handle being you for a while.”

“But there’s so much you don’t know about being a woman, let alone being me! I’ll have to give you tips and lessons, and make sure you don’t wreck my life. And you’ll have to tell me about being you too!”

Derek shrugged, “I’m sure you’ll be fine; just don’t stress and you’ve pretty much mastered being me. I’m sure I’ll be fine too, but whatever you want to tell me, feel free. I’ll do my best to listen...”

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