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Monday, September 4, 2017


Ron had just bought a camera and decided to take it out into the neighborhood to try it out. After taking a few pictures of building, trees, and a few others, he aimed it at a pretty woman wearing a blue dress in the distance. Oddly enough, when he looked at the picture in his viewfinder after taking it, the woman was nowhere to be found and was instead replaced with a guy who looked, well, a lot like Ron. He looked up from the camera and squinted to look in the distance. She was gone, and that guy now in the distance really did look like him. It took a few more minutes for Ron to figure out where the woman had gone. It wasn’t until he looked down and saw the familiar blue dress. Somehow when he took a photo of this woman, it must have swapped his body with hers. She was long gone with his body now. Of course, if this camera could swap people’s bodies, he could now be anyone he wanted...or he could just enjoy this body for a while, which could be pretty fun...

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