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Thursday, September 28, 2017


When Tim’s girlfriend, Amy, asked if he’d switch bodies with her for a day, he agreed without much fuss. While a little surprised body swapping was even possible, he tried to brush it off and just enjoy his time as a woman. He was a little surprised when he ran into Amy’s best friend, Fiona, to find out that inside Fiona’s body was actually her boyfriend, Greg. As Greg and Tim talked about their surprisingly similar situations of being swapped with their girlfriends, Tim received a text. It was from his girlfriend.

When he looked at it, his jaw dropped.

She had sent him a photo in which Tim saw his own body making out with Greg’s body.

“They couldn’t. I mean, if people find out...” Tim stammered, “Can we ever go back to our own bodies knowing this exists.”

“It’s actually a little funny,” Greg confessed, “But you may be right. We can’t go back. I mean, I’ve actually enjoyed being Fiona, and this is going to be my excuse for not switching back. I guess they enjoy being in our bodies as well.”

“I’ve enjoyed being Amy, but I don’t want to stay as her! I want to be me again! I’ll never be able to go back to my normal life if she shows this to everyone.”

Then he got another text with another picture. Tim screamed. This one was worse...

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  1. wow very clever & original. I gues the girls aree making sure the boys don't want their bods back