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Friday, September 1, 2017


Jason couldn’t have been more excited that the invention he had made for his senior thesis was a success. Of course, the targeting mechanism could still use some improvements. He had set up the machine with the intention of swapping bodies with his friend and volunteer, Owen. Except instead, he found himself swapped with a woman walking by in the hallway. He rushed back to the lab as soon as he could. Understandably, she was freaking out in his body, yelling at Owen. Jason did his best to calm her down, explaining how he just tested a body swapper and how it had misfired and accidentally caught her up in it all. She began to relax a little, telling Jason a little about herself. As she said her name, Kelly Park, Jason smelt something burning. His invention was on fire! He did his best to put it out quickly, but the damage was done. As the rush of putting out a fire wore off, Kelly and Jason finally looked at each other in shock. The realization was hitting both of them now. With the machine destroyed (at least temporarily) that meant they each be stuck in the other’s body. Jason knew he could make another one, but the first one had taken him all year. He needed time. And of course this time he would have to work with the distraction of having Kelly Park’s gorgeous body. How was he going to be able to even concentrate?

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