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Saturday, November 25, 2017


Steve sighed. He knew teleportation was a new technology, but he had used it three times for business now and three times something weird had happened. The first time, he had selected a body to swap with at his destination and there was a mixup resulting in him swapping with the wrong person. The next time they couldn’t find his body on the return trip, resulting in a multi-day delay. And now this! He had selected the woman to swap with at his destination due to her professional-looking photo. It turned out she had since dyed her hair, and he felt completely silly.

He did consider flying, of course, but it seemed like such a waste to take an eight hour flight for a day of meetings abroad. Instead, it seemed much more logical to use the teleportation service. Your mind would simply swap with someone at the destination of your choice. It was instant and easy. Then again, he was now going to have to go to important meetings with a body that had blue hair. He had also requested that she wear “professional attire,” which she clearly hadn’t. He knew it wasn’t too hard to go to a store and buy a skirt suit, but he also knew he didn’t have time to go to a salon for a dye job. He sighed again. Other people he had met with encountered situations that were similar with the teleportation service. Everyone seemed to overlook them, but they were growing increasingly frustrating. If the company couldn’t get this sort of thing worked out, he couldn’t imagine they’d succeed in the long run, even given the amazing convenience they brought to the world of travel.

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