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Friday, November 24, 2017


To describe Alvin as uptight would’ve made him seem much more at ease and relaxed than he actually was. But his neurotic attention to detail and dedication to hard work had earned him a scholarship at the graduate program at Harvard, and he was very excited about it. What he never would’ve expected was for the Great Shift to strike the week before he was scheduled to start. And he ended up finding himself in a body that was very, very different. His first reaction was to cover his eyes, pretend like it just wasn’t happening to him.

But he could only escape reality for so long before he peaked down to see his new body. The most obvious feature was that he was now female with long, blonde hair and a lot of exposed skin. To his horror, so much of that skin seemed to be covered with all sorts of tattoos. He couldn’t imagine anyone taking him seriously like this! How was he going to make it at Harvard? He could just imagine everyone would be judging him the moment he stepped on campus. All his hard work gone to waste, only to wind up in a body like this! He was mortified!

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