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Wednesday, November 22, 2017


As a graduate student in philosophy, Victor had many theories about the self. So when the science department was looking for volunteers to participate in a trial for their new body swapping machine, he jumped at the chance. After filling out a large stack of forms, he was set to swap with another participant, an undergrad by the name of Shawna. The actual swap was quite quick. He got jolted by a lab assistant, and the next thing he knew he found himself in Shawna’s body. He kept telling himself that despite his new body, he was still himself. Yet he had to admit that with this body, it was hard to feel like himself. When he stood up, everything just felt wrong. Maybe it was because he was teetering on heels he wasn’t used to wearing. Maybe it was because he kept pulling down on the bottom of his sweater that he expected to cover his belly instead of exposing it. Or maybe it was because his new booty was much bigger and way more curvy than he was used to. He quickly began to think he might prefer being Shawna to being Victor...

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