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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Worth It

Emily had lived down the hall from Adam for at least a year now, but he had never had the courage to even talk to her, let alone invite himself in for some reason. However, he had seen her around enough that when the Great Shift struck, he immediately knew whose body he was in. When it happened, he thought about going and knocking on his own door. Instead, he began snooping around. He opened a closet to reveal more clothes and shoes than he could imagine. He opened up the medicine cabinet and found it stacked full of beauty products. He decided that it probably wasn’t effortless for Emily to look good all the time. Though he now realized that if he wanted to maintain her good looks, whatever her daily routine was would now be his responsibility. As he closed the cabinet, he caught a look at his reflection and he smiled. Whatever he needed to do, however long it would take him, it would well be worth it!

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