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Friday, November 3, 2017

Cheesy Line

David knew it was a cheesy line, and he hated to admit that he had used it at the club a few times. He hated even more to admit that it had worked. In fact, he wanted to hold his tongue when he saw her, but he just couldn’t stop himself when he saw her at the train station. She was literally wearing silver pants so shiny that he could see a reflection in them. And so without much hesitation, he walked up to her.

“Hey, are those mirror pants?” David asked with a sly grin, “Because I can see myself in them.”

“Oh, you want to see yourself in these pants?” She asked, “Be my guest.”

David’s grin grew wider, but before he could say another word, there was a strange poof. The next thing he knew, the woman was gone and he was alone on the platform. It took him another second to realize he now had the body of the woman he had just been hitting on, which meant that he was now literally in her pants -- though certainly not in the way had intended or implied!

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