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Friday, November 17, 2017


Earl had only left his home town once or twice in his entire life, and, in all honesty, he was actually a bit of a xenophobe. But something inside him changed when the Great Shift struck. Part of it was undoubtedly due to finding himself in a different body -- with a different gender and a different ethnicity. He was also one of the few to swap bodies with someone thousands of miles away. As a result, he was not only exposed to a different culture for the first time in his life -- he was immersed in it. It didn’t take him long to embrace the culture he found himself in, and for him to embrace his new body as well.


  1. For some reason, the pics for your older caps never show up, when I try to look at a category from the archive. Whether it is the date you posted or a tag category (like cultural change or TG), it provides the text description, but no image. Some images have the triangle with "!" in it, but otherwise, act like there isn't an image. Is there another way to view your work?