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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring break (Part 2)

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Aaron couldn't believe it. He not only swapped bodies with his sister after an accident with one of their father's inventions, but as punsihment he'd have to be her for the entire week! Plus, he had to clean the garage! His sister in his body got off easy; she only had to mow the lawn. She was done in like ten minutes; he had barely made a dent in cleaning, and was just starting to throw out stuff in their old refrigerator. Things got worse when he saw his sexy twenty-five year old neighbor, Kelli, approach. If he still had his male body, he'd have a major hard-on just from seeing her. Kelli asked, "Like, hi, Karen. Is Aaron home?"

Aaron nearly flipped. Not only was the hottest woman he had ever seen standing before him, she was asking to see HIM, and he wasn't even himself to be able to enjoy it! After only a moment of thinking, he spilled the truth, "I may look like Karen, but I'm actually Aaron. My dad invented this weird bodyswapping machine, and, well, we were its first victims."

Kelli looked at Aaron like he was crazy. "First victims, maybe," she stated, "But not it's only victims. Dude, it's me. Mikey."

Aaron's jaw nearly dropped. Mikey was his best friend, but he lived clear across town. If Mikey had swapped with Kelli, the effects of his dad's invention certainly wasn't just localized to the basement. He wondered how far the effects of this machine had gone...

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