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Monday, January 2, 2012

The princess and the pauper

Kevin was hiking on the hill outside of a town in a small European country when he spotted a woman, who looked a little too prim and proper to be up there. Indeed, she was a princess of a small kingdom, but she longed to be a regular person. And this is why she was so glad to meet Kevin. She had a small charm to switch bodies with someone willing, and she begged Kevin to swap with her. He couldn’t imagine why she wanted to give up a royal life, one where she had servant and wealth beyond all dreams, where she didn’t have to lift a finger. He instantly agreed, and soon found himself in her body. She smiled as she ran off in his body. Meanwhile, Kevin walked down the mountain himself, prepared to rule a kingdom as the princess. But when he returned, he found himself being forced into a royal marriage that the princess had objected to. Kevin objected louder, but it did little good...


  1. LOL OUCH! great story, & use of pic. Nice twist!

  2. Hmmm, wonderful!! I'd love a body like that, even if I had to marry a guy I didn't like.