Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bachelorette Party (Part 1)

Though Ryan loved his fiancĂ©, he didn’t trust her friends. They were always encouraging her to break up with him, cheat on him, or whatever. He had a great deal of concern for the Bachelorette Party and developed a devious plan. He took a whole bunch of sleeping pills and then cast a magic spell he found to switch bodies with his wife-to-be’s maid of honor, Megan. After casting the spell, it felt like he was drowning; Megan had been downing a bottle of champagne at the time of the swap. The other bridesmaids were cheering. Ryan started coughing and gagging as he tried to put down the bottle.


  1. LOL! OOOPS! excellent story, U I wonder what disaster wil happen? I see so many possiblities.

    One ( wich I realllt gioe doesn't hapen - he took too many pillss & his body dies, )
    Two he gets so drunk he passes out & she wakes up in his body, find out what he's done destroys the spell & marries his fiancee.
    3. He wakes up married to some guy he met at the party or her boyfriend.
    4. His fiancee fidns out hat hes done is furious, dimpts him & marries her friend in his body.

    Anyway I can't wait to see what happens.

  2. LOL, talk about bad timing! And yeah I hope he didn't take too many pills.