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Monday, January 30, 2012

The haul

Bubba had been hauling toxic waste in his rig for decades. He never asked exactly what it was, just where to pick it up from and where to drop it off. He’d get some on him from time to time, and he noticed it had seemed to burn all the hair off the parts of his body where it spilled, despite his protective gear. Then one day there was a large accident where Bubba was covered with the stuff, and soon his whole body seemed to be affected. It not only removed his body hair, but his skin became softer, his hair grew out, and his featured became more delicate. As a few more minutes passed, his chest ballooned outward, and he felt a sharp pain in his crotch as his penis retracted and became a vagina. On the plus side, he looked years younger. He never asked the hauling company what he was transporting, but he felt the need to bring up the question now...


  1. Who cares, lol, spill some on me please :D

  2. I wish I could get a body like that. even i dare say it might be a n=bit on the painful side. keep up the good work LOL Eddie