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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Role Swapper: Mailbox

Based off of this interactive story
Roy was already laughing hysterically at what the Role Swapper could do. His roommate Jack had been saying goodbye to his girlfriend Sarah when he zapped her. Next, he zapped their blue mailbox. Sarah’s entire body now matched the blue with the mailbox atop her head. To kiss Jack goodbye, she opened the front as he stuck his lips inside. Then she walked away, Roy guessed to work. Meanwhile, on the other side of the gate, Sarah’s head lay atop a post with letter’s in her mouth. Her clothes were wrapped around the post. Roy realized this Role Swapper device could really change reality in strange ways! He’d better be careful how he used it! Plus, he’d have to remember to switch Sarah back when she returned to see Jack this evening! Not that he could forget!